Russias fragile Empire

Since the collapse of the global energy prices and the collapse of the Russian currency an interesting process is underway. The allies of the evil empire are feeling unsecure that their biggest supporter will lose the ability to support them in the near future as before.
Cuba is looking for rapproachement with the US.
Belarus Lukashenko is firing his cabinet and stops convertability with the Russian Ruble.
The Syrian government is willig to negotiate against with the Syrian opposition facing the IS challenge.
Russia is suddenly willing to deliver coal to Ukraine without prepayments.
The obvious weakness of Russia makes its allies nervous that they might get into the eddy of the Russian crisis.
That is seemingly proof of the fact that without Putins Russia they feel helpless and willing to compromise with the West. Even refuting before this essential link to Russia it is now very obivious that without Russias backing they are lost and feeble.
No more money no more weapons.
Even China steps back from the Russian aggression in Ukraine.
We might see some very surprising developments in the coming year.


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