Obamagate and the NSA

Barack Obama has become president of the USA because lots of people expected he would lead the country of major political reforms and to end the quagmires of Afghanistan and Iraq wars which he inherited from his predecessor George W. Bush .
The first major social reform was the health care reform termed Obamacare. The major promise that every American could obtain affordable healthcare insurance has been dashed. First, not every American is now covered by this health care reform, and, second affordable health care is as well a mirage, since the costs of the American health care system are spiraling out of control. So the results have led to a major rift in the country, where Republicans lead the protest against this reform because of the costs which make up a significant part of the federal budget and the need to cut the deficit to a sustainable level.
The peace dividend expected from ending the two wars has been modest and did not unlock sufficient financial resources to cover the increasing health care cost. Expensive wars on the one hand, and, expensive health care reform did not add up leaving a gaping public deficit. It’s a dangerous challenge facing the US economy. The ongoing debate on the fiscal sequester in the US Congress is documenting this dilemma. With the announcement of Obama to take the US into a military action to punish the Syrian Assad regime, Obama has put oil into the ongoing fiscal debate. Can the US afford this kind of double spending a single US Dollar by increasing the public debt to finance the second one by lending?
One way out of this fiscal dilemma has been that the Obama administration made major efforts to make wars more affordable. Instead of boots to the ground, which was the solution of former president Bush, drones as predators against terrorists and extensive increase of intelligence should keep Americans out of reach from terrorist attacks and military operations abroad. The implementation of a global spying and surveillance system as the current revelation of Edward Snowden has made public, has only become feasible because of a systematic violation of international law and the American constitution. This has now become the Archilles’ heel of Obamas new military strategy. Crossing the boundary of the national and international legal framework, the Obama administration has put their credibility at risk. This is going to backfire now.
The revelation that the US government has spied extensively not only on foreigners abroad but as well on US citizens could become Obamas Obamagate. The purpose not always justifies the means. Barack Obama is himself a lawyer who attended the prestigious Harvard Law School. So he should have even more so paid respect for the rule of law.
Crossing the boundary of legal action has always been a major stumbling block for politicians in power. Richard Nixon had to learn this lesson on the Watergate incident. Ronald Reagan had to face the Iran-Contra-Scandal.
Since the extensive spying of the US intelligence organizations led by the NSA was not only directed against terrorists and foreign military organizations, but as well against the UN, the EU Commission, European governments , and other allied or friendly nations like Brazil and foreign companies and any kind of ordinary people, the current US government cannot excuse anymore that all this was on purpose to fight international terrorism. It is now obvious that the US intelligence organizations have become something like a state inside the state in the US. They operate outside a sufficient legal control and without supervision of the US Congress to do whatever they like to do.
The debate on torture of terrorist suspects in Abu Ghraib has already raised major concerns that the US government and their organizations under their control disregard international law like the international human rights convention. Now again, the disregard of the basic human rights of privacy in particular against the intrusion by government institutions have been disregarded. This cannot be covered-up as a pure mistake. There is a systematic approach to ignore the rule of law on purpose. This could cause major problems for Barack Obama in the coming years of his second term. He is no longer the hero of the poor and people without rights anymore. The nice guy has a second face and this is ugly.


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